About the project Learning Spaces for Inclusion and Social Justice

The justification for the project can be found in the mismatch between shared fundamental values in the Nordic countries, such as democracy, social justice and inclusion which are frequently stated in educational policy documents and the reality in many schools in these countries.
While findings of research in all our countries have revealed the marginalisation of students with an immigrant background, research has also shown that there are some examples of the opposite, i.e. individual students and particular schools have succeeded in spite of what could be expected.
By mapping current situations in the respective participating countries, focusing on the success of individual immigrant students contrary to expectations and good practices in schools we are better equipped to lay down a roadmap for schooling in our societies in the 21st century.
Aims and objectives
The main objective is to draw lessons from success stories of individual immigrant students and whole school communities at different levels that have succeeded in developing learning contexts that are equitable and socially just, contrary to expectations based on research findings.
Two main aims of the study are to
Understand and learn from the experiences of immigrant students who have succeeded academically and socially
Explore and understand how social justice is implemented in equitable and successful diverse Nordic school contexts and other learning spaces.
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