Invited symposia

The two invited symposia are organized by professor Jim Cummins (Symposium I: Language, identity and school success) and professor Ann Phoenix (Symposium II: Gender, race and school success ). Other participants in the symposia are young researchers and teachers. In each invited symposium, the organizer will give an opening contribution. Then the invited guests will present their papers, followed by a 30 minutes‘ discussion.

Jim Cummins

Jim Cummins is a Professor Emeritus in Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on literacy development in educational contexts characterized by linguistic diversity. He is the author (with Margaret Early) of Identity texts: The Collaborative Creation of Power in Multilingual Schools (Trentham Books, 2011) and Big Ideas for Expanding Minds: Teaching English Language Learners across the Curriculum (Rubicon/Pearson, 2015).



Ann Phoenix 
Ann Phoenix is Professor of Psychosocial Research at the Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL Institute of Education, University of London where, from 2007-October 2013, she was the Co-Director. She co-directs the Childhood Wellbeing Research Centre funded by the Department for Education and is the Principal Investigator on NOVELLA (Narratives of Varied Everyday Lives and Linked Approaches), an ESRC National Centre for Research Methods node. Her research is mainly about social identities and the ways in which psychological experiences and social processes are linked. It includes work on racialised and gendered identities and experiences; mixed-parentage, masculinities, consumption, young people and their parents and the transition to motherhood. 
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